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Calci Bone D3 Pigeons PALOMAS 100 tablets

Calci Bone D3 Pigeons PALOMAS 100 tablets

For strong bones & skeletal structure in Pigeons

Product Description:

Calcibone D3 promotes strong bone formation, egg shell production, healthy blood clotting and more. Enriched with Phosphorus, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Copper, Zinc & Magnesium for promoting a healthy heart, muscles and nervous system. Phosphorus is important in many body functions including acid-base balance, metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, and in the proteins, carbohydrates and lipids used throughout the body while Vitamin-D3 is essential in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Can be used for Fancy pigeons or show birds and racing pigeons. 

Benefits of Calci Bone D3 for Pigeons:

  • For strong bones & egg shells.
  • Enriched with Phosphorus for healthy egg formation.
  • Supports heart, muscles & nerves.
  • Excellent for Breeding & Molting pigeons 

Directions for Use:
Preventative dosage: Feed 1 tablet 3 times a week.
During mating period: Feed 1 tablet daily

Supplement Facts
One (1) chewable tablet contains:

Calcium142 mg
Hydrolyzed collagen10 mg
Phosphorus22 mg
Vitamin D350 IU
Zinc50 mcg
Copper20 mcg
Magnesium5 mcg


For animal consumption only. Follow label instructions. Not meant to treat or cure illnesses. Consult with a veterinarian in case of pre-existing conditions or if pet is currently under medical treatment.

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